what does it cost?

Project installations are normally proposed with a lump sum price instead of itemized individually.  Many of our costs can be managed more efficiently for bigger projects so itemized costs are not accurate.

How accessible your planting or hardscape site is for workers and equipment will affect the cost.

Demolition of existing features and site preparation have associated costs.

Ok, so you need rough numbers-------

Planting projects with plants, delivery, labor, soil prep and mulching will be about  2-3 times the retail cost of  the plants at a quality nursery. We guarantee our plants for one year.

Hardscaping projects vary from about $36/sq.ft  to about $10/sq.ft depending on the material, the base preparation, the accessibility, and the size.  Some of the common material options listed in order from most expensive to least:

Travertine on concrete
Irregular flagstone in mortar
Rectangular flagstone in mortar
Pavers on concrete
Dry laid flagstone (in stone dust)
Premium pavers
Basic pavers
Poured concrete
Decorative gravel

There are many new options in permeable paving, but generally concrete is impermeable and gravel is permeable. 
Driveways require a deeper base than patios and walkways.

Walls are more expensive than paving.  In general masonry walls are more expensive than decorative concrete block walls and pressure treated timber is less expensive.

Low voltage lighting systems start at about $2,000 for a transformer and about 6 fixtures.
Each system is priced individually because of the different wiring requirements.  LED fixtures are more expensive than traditional halogen but use less electricity and last much longer.

A masonry fireplace with a chimney will be at least $10,000 installed.
A firepit can be an actual pit in the ground or an elaborate masonry structure so the cost is highly variable.

Redoing something that was done incorrectly the first time  is always more expensive than doing it right the first time. 

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